XM600 Vulcan to the Sky!

11Ok, so may be not to the actual sky. But after 9 years (admittedly 7.5 of which she was being used as a toy by my kids), my 1/72 Airfix Vulcan build is complete and you can see the final reveal photos here.

As you probably know this kit is a dog to build. Badly fitting parts and raised panel lines which need to be re-scribed are but a few of the hurdles you need to navigate on your way to a completed build.

But when you do finish one of these, the satisfaction is immense, and the final shape is amazing with curves in all the right places.

Click here to read the build  log…

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2 comments on “XM600 Vulcan to the Sky!
  1. Jonathan says:

    Very impressive. I have a photo of my dad next to XM600 in 1965. Would love to see some of your source photos.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks Jonathan.

      I don’t have any photos of XM600 I’m afraid, my references came from colour illustrations in reference books. When I did my research I couldn’t find any actual photos on the web – which was a shame.

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