Unshelving the Minicraft Boeing 757-200…

My shelf of doom isn’t looking too bad these days, I have two kits under the bed of doom (which is a bit more permanent) but the actual shelf of doom only consists of two kits, the 1/48 Phantom FGR.Mk2 and the Minicraft 757-200 aka Iron Maiden’s Ed-Force One…

This kit has fought me all the way.

To start with it’s just a bit of a crap kit. The wings don’t fit very well, the cockpit section doesn’t fit very well, the moulding is very soft, the undercarriage is ‘orrible and the straw that broke the camel’s back as it were was the engine pylons. Oh dear.

Have a look at the photo below to see what I mean. After many many weeks of fettling, sanding, fixing, filling, painting, polishing, more painting and more polishing I was nearly at the finishing line. I did a quick dry fit of the engines and they looked like this. The red line shown below should be pretty much horizontal.



When I hit this point I’d just about had enough and consigned her to the shelf of doom until such time as I had restored enough patience to deal with the engines.

There she stayed for a good few months until this weekend when I decided to give her another coat of looking at.

My first thoughts were to heat the pylons and bend them into shape. But in the end I decided to sand out a section in order to rotate the engines into the correct position. As shown below you can see where I have pencilled in the area to be removed.



And below you can see an original pylon (top) with a re-worked pylon (bottom).



Suffice it to say that the pylon modification worked a treat and the engines are now at a much better angle than before.

With this mojo building breakthrough I managed to crack on and finish the rest of the build. Oh yes, she still had quite a few problems to throw at me, but she’s finally done.

I’ll crack out the decent camera in the next day or so and put up some final reveal photos 🙂


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