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Top Gun F-14A Build Log Update #4

I haven’t managed to get a whole load of bench time recently due to pressures of work and all that, but here’s build log update #4. In this one I mainly focus on getting the intake assemblies worked out and

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I’m writing cheques for decal sets that my body can’t afford to cash!

That’s right – it’s time to do another Top Gun F-14A Tomcat build. But this time with proper Top Gun decals and a nice meaty 1/48 scale. For this one I managed to get hold of the Fightertown 1/48 Top

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It’s time to buzz the tower!

With a few litres of midnight oil having been burned, the Pseudo Top Gun Tomcat is finished and ready for action. This was quite an enjoyable build despite a few issues with the plastic. The cockpit left a lot to

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