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You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Wasn’t that the storyline for most 70’s action films? Blowing things up in order to get the gold? Well it works for me, and here’s my rendition of the ultimate safe cracker – Karl-Otto Alberty who played the SS Tiger Tank

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Knock it off with them negative waves!

Woof woof! Here’s my finished rendition of Sgt. Oddball (AKA Donald Sutherland) from the film Kelly’s Heroes. Absolutely loved every minute of this one, a lovely sculpt and cast and brilliantly detailed! I’ve still got a bust of Karl Otto

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Anders Lassen – A True Modern Day Viking!

I got this beautifully sculpted and cast bust through the post today – Major Anders Lassen by Hugo Pereirea of RP Models Portugal – http://rpmodels.pt/shop/index.php?   I’d just finished reading “Churchill’s Secret Warriors” which is the true story of the

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Lt. Col John Frost – work in progress update #4

Things have been progressing nicely with the John Frost bust – despite an unexpected strip it off and start again session. In this update I get to painting the hair and the beret. Pre-shading and glazing is definitely a great

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Painting Kelly’s Heroes…

One of my favourite movie stars – Clint Eastwood AKA Kelly of Kelly’s Heroes… I’ve just finished this one, my second attempt at painting a bust and as it happens a lot harder than the first one I did. I

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Figure Painting Build Log – Lt. Col. John Frost (Paras) – Arnhem 1944

As I’m learning the ropes of figure painting I thought I’d put up a build log (paint log perhaps) of the 1/9 V-Bust from Mitches Military Models of Lt. Col. John Frost who commanded the 2Battalion of the Parachute Regiment

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Painting Captain Miller…

It’s been ages since I managed to get some serious bench time what with pressures of work and all that, but for Xmas from my wife I got a Young Miniatures “US 2nd Ranger Battalion” figure. Or “Tom Hanks as Cpt

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You know when you’ve been Tangoed!

Work has started on the SR-71 Blackbird build, plastic has been cut and paint has been spilled… Up until now it’s been mainly research, working out which tail number aircraft to build and generally getting up to speed with it (not

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