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A day in the life of a knob twiddler…

We got red ones, black ones, some as big as your hat… In other words, the 1/12 scale F-16 cockpit is racing along and is not a million miles from completion. Didn’t I say that? 😉 In this update it’s

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The 1/12 F-16 cockpit gets some shiny new ribbons…

I must say I’m really enjoying getting back into my build queue and blowing the dust off some of the items on the shelf of doom! In this update I (literally) blow the dust off the Italeri 1/12 F-16 A

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You know when you’ve been Tangoed!

Work has started on the SR-71 Blackbird build, plastic has been cut and paint has been spilled… Up until now it’s been mainly research, working out which tail number aircraft to build and generally getting up to speed with it (not

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Brassed off, brassed on…

Time for another update on the 1/12 Scale F-16 Falcon Cockpit from Italeri… In this update I got hold of a tub of Mr Metal Color Brass Buffable Metalizer, to paint the valve of the oxygen bottle located on the

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