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Adding Metal to the Hunter

More progress on the 1/32 Revell Hunter F.Mk.6 This time I’ve added various real metal components to the Hunter including kitchen foil and electrical bootlace ferrules… The drop tanks are painted, weathered and decaled like a mini model kit, and

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No really, I enjoy doing the same job several times!

The Hunter is positively flying along now. Well not literally flying, though it did nearly head out of the window several times during the last update! In this update the camo is applied and the underside, well you will have

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It’s got paint all over it!

Things are motoring with the Hunter build now 🙂 Since last time I’ve got the canopy masked and given her a nice coat of XF-66 Light Grey primer and some heavy pre-shading. The underside is now shiny and silver courtesy

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