Painting Captain Miller…

It’s been ages since I managed to get some serious bench time what with pressures of work and all that, but for Xmas from my wife I got a Young Miniatures “US 2nd Ranger Battalion” figure. Or “Tom Hanks as Cpt John Miller from Saving Private Ryan” if I’m not very much mistaken 😉

I’ve wanted to have a go at figure painting for some time now, and after swotting up on some tutorial videos by the massively talented Dave Younguist ( I took the plunge…



I also got the Andrea Flesh Paint Set for Christmas “The easy way to paint skin” as they say…

The instructions are a bit hard to follow in the flesh paint set, but after a bit of research on YouTube I got the hang of what they were talking about with “1st lights”, “2nd shadows” etc…

Gotta say I’m really pleased with the results!



This is a 1/9 scale figure, so the head is in reality about the size of a grape.



And here’s a few shots of the (almost) finished article…



Andrea flesh paint for the face, with Citadel used for the sweatshirt and Vallejo acrylics for everything else.



The box art looks great but was a little too dark and saturated for my taste, so I opted for more faded colours which were more faithful to the film.


Am waiting for a base to arrive in the post so I can get it mounted and will put some proper pics taken with the SLR in the Completed Builds section when done.

Next up – 3 figures from Mitches Military Models from Kelly’s Heroes (another favourite film).

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