Ed Force One – last call for passengers boarding flight 666

21Well I don’t want to come across as negative, but “thank god that’s over!” 😉 This is definitely one of those builds where the joy is not so much in the making of the kit, but in the bit where you get it finished, stand back, light your pipe, and admire your handy work.

The Minicraft 757-200 kit is a dog, but with the awesome Iron Maiden decal set from BOA decals, it can be turned into something altogether more interesting.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Ed Force One, this is the tour vehicle of the British Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden. Not only that, but the aircraft is piloted by the bands lead singer Bruce Dickinson who is a qualified civil pilot. For their current world tour (Book of Souls 2016) they have gone the whole hog and are using a Boeing 747-400 as their “tour bus”. Not sure if I’ll be doing the Book of Souls version of Ed Force One any time soon 😉

Click here for the final reveal photos…

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