1/9 V-Bust – “SS Tiger Tank Commander” (Karl-Otto Alberty, Kelly’s Heroes)


This is the third kit in the “Figures that look suspiciously like characters from Kelly’s Heroes” series from Mitches Military Models. This time a chap who was born to play the role – Karl-Otto Alberty.

Kit Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models

Kit No: KH03


Type: “SS Tiger Tank Commander” (Karl-Otto Alberty, Kelly’s Heroes) – Resin Bust

Extras used: Base – Resin by Model Display Products with 6mm brass tube bought from eBay.

Paints and colours used: A huge variety of colours used on this figure… Primer was Tamiya Flat Black (XF-01) airbrushed on. The remainder was brush painted by hand. The face was mainly Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Beige Red with VMC Mahogany Brown for shadows and VMC Pale Sand/Flat Flesh for highlights. The tunic was VMC Black with VMC Medium Grey for highlights. The hair was a little P3 Rucksack Tan mixed with VMC Pale Sand and a small amount of VMC Black, with Army Painter Strongtone wash applied selectively.

Verdict: Another great figure from Mitches. Love the likeness with this one, I reckon it’s the best one of the three (four if you now count the new “Big Joe” bust that’s just been released). The only difficulty I had with this one was getting the blonde hair not to look too yellow and getting the shading on the black tunic to look right – problems of my own making and no fault of the figure. If you’re into figures and/or Kelly’s Heroes I’d say “What are you waiting for? Go and get one!”.












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