1/9 V-Bust – “Private US 35th Infantry Div” (Clint Eastwood, Kelly’s Heroes)



Kit Manufacturer: Mitches Military Models

Scale: 1/9

Type: “Private US 35th Infantry Div” (Clint Eastwood, Kelly’s Heroes) – Resin Bust

Extras used: Base – Resin by Model Display Products (purchased from elgrecominiatures.co.uk) with 6mm brass tube bought from eBay. Strap across helmet made from Dymo Tape, hanging helmet straps – Tamiya Tape, helmet strap rings – beading wire.

Paints and colours used: The face was done with the Andrea Flesh Paint Set, with Citadel acrylics used for the eyes and hair. The bomber jacket was done using a whole variety of colours until I got something that looked Ok, this was a combination of Citadel and Vallejo greens. The helmet was various Tamiya acrylics airbrushed to give tonal variation, with Citadel Karak Stone/Gorthor Brown for the netting. Metallic wear on the helmet was done using Mr Metal Color buffable aluminium and the jacket zip was done with Mr Metal Color buffable brass with a Citadel Nuln Oil wash.

Verdict: I have to say I really struggled with this one – it fought me all the way. The helmet was quite badly moulded and had a lot of air bubble holes that made it tricky to paint the netting and the hair on the head needed to be sanded off to get the helmet to fit. The helmet didn’t come with any straps either which means you have to make them yourself. The likeness isn’t that great as the face is sculpted to look very gaunt with sunken cheeks and high cheek bones, also Clint’s distinctive dimples (if you can call them that) were absent and had to be painted in. Ok, they don’t advertise the figure as being Clint, but it’s obvious who he is supposed to be 😉 The remainder of the problems were caused by me, I ended up re-painting the jacket about 20 times to try to achieve a satin bomber jacket look, and I struggled to get the face looking how I wanted it. Happy to call him done and move on at this stage 😉 In terms of the bust itself, it’s Ok. Not fantastic, not a great likeness but just Ok.


























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