1/72 Academy JU87-G Stuka (Tank buster)

1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G

This one turned into a bit of a war of attrition getting it completed but I got there in the end.

  • Kit manufacturer: Academy
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Kit No. 01641
  • Type: JU-87G Stuka (Tank Buster)
  • Extras used: After market swastikas, fishing elastic antenna wire.
  • Paints and colours used: Humbrol enamels, Flory Models dark dirt wash, chalk pastel streaking, silver pencil chipping, humbrol matt coat.

Really impressed with this kit, the plastic was great with nice sunken detail and minimal filler required. The decals however were a nightmare, and I wish I’d gone for a complete after market decal set – not just the swastikas.

I did paint chipping using Humbrol maskol with a base of Mr Metaliser Stainless Steel. The maskol was a bit clumsy for the scale (maybe mine has gone off a bit?) so it ended up revealing quite large areas of silver. I did additional chipping by just scraping the paint off with a scalpel blade. Additional chipping/wear was applied with a silver pencil.

The antenna wire is baiting elastic from my fishing tackle stash. It’s like a ribbon and was a bit too big for the scale (probably just right for 1/48) so I split it with a scalpel and it tore into two strips giving the right width.

Frank Spencer Moments: 1. The decals. The underwing crosses were really thick, and all of the decals were totally immune to the effects of setting solutions. Micro Sol, Tamiya X-20a, Solvaset all had no effect whatsoever. Eventually a homebrew mix of MicroSol and Cellulose thinners softened them up a bit but I still ended up trying to get Klear to flow under them to remove silvering. Hindsight sees me using aftermarket decals when faced with the same dilemma. 2. Applied Flory Models dark dirt weathering wash over Humbrol matt coat (no probs at all), due to the fiddly nature of the wing flaps weapons etc… I used cotton buds to remove the wash, but because the buds were pound-shop ones they left (unbeknownst to me) a fine stubble of white whiskers all over the kit. After a coat of Humbrol clear coat the Stuka looked like Santa’s stubble and I had to spend an age picking the hairs out of it as best I could. Note to self: always use really good quality cotton buds in the future! 3. Nearly finished the kit, the last bit to go on was a small glass panel in the wing. Nope, small glass panel pinged inside the wing never to be seen again. Had to spend 3 days applying thin coats of PVA to build up a new bit of glass. Note to self: probably best to use PVA next time anyway as it looks way better than the clear plastic supplied.

I really enjoyed building this kit, the Stuka is a classic design IMHO and really happy how it turned out.

Thanks for viewing!

1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G
1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G 1/72 Academy Stuka JU87-G


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9 comments on “1/72 Academy JU87-G Stuka (Tank buster)
  1. Robbie Dinglasan says:

    Wow how did you paint the cockpit? Been trying to figure out how to do it for the past couple of days! Would you mind sharing your technique please?

  2. Robbie Dinglasan says:

    Yes, sorry used the wrong terminology, I did mean to ask how you were able to pant the canopy frames so perfectly. They even matched the splinter camouflage colors on the fuselage.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks Robbie, to mask canopies I cut very small pieces of Tamiya tape and stick them onto the canopy. Have a look at this page of my Hunter build log that shows the technique. http://www.makingmodels.co.uk/builds-in-progress/132-revell-hawker-hunter-f-mk-6-build-log/9/

      This is one of those jobs that you need to take your time on, cut a piece of tape, stick it to the canopy and if it looks wrong take it off and try again. Definitely worth taking time one.

      When the canopy is masked you can spray the entire model – canopy and all and the canopy will end up the same colour as the rest of the model. To get the splinter camo over the canopy it was just as case of applying the splinter masking tape over the canopy as well as the fuselage (the canopy is attached to the fuselage before final painting).

      When painting, don’t give the canopy too many coats of paint/clear coat otherwise the paint can get quite thick and will either tear when you remove the tape, or will end up just looking too thick.


  3. Robbie Dinglasan says:

    *paint the canopy frames

  4. Robbie Dinglasan says:

    Thanks very much again! Too bad I painted the fuselage already but will remember this technique when doing splinter camouflage again! Cheers!

  5. Abner Velásquez says:

    Wow! great work! . . .wich number of humbrol paint did you use?

    • Richard says:

      Thanks Abner, I can’t exactly remember which colours they were but I think the dark green was Humbrol 91 “Black Green” and possibly Humbrol 30 “Dark Green”.

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