1/25 AMT Volkswagen Scirocco Mk.1


This is a kit I built for my Mother’s birthday. It’s been built in the colours and with the registration number of her favourite car of all time – the Mk.1 VW Scirocco.

Kit Manufacturer: AMT

Kit No: AMT 925


Type: Volkswagen Scirocco Mk.1

Extras used: Number plates made from plasticard with custom printed decals.

Paints and colours used: Base colour was Alclad Aluminium with Alclad HotMetal red over the top. Several coats of Tamiya Smoke (X-19) were then applied to darken the red down slightly. Gloss coat was Alclad Aqua Gloss which was polished with 3400 to 12000 grit MicroMesh and then finished with Tamiya finishing compound. The interior was brush painted using Vallejo Model Color Dark Red (VAL946) with the lighter trim being the Vallejo Dark Red lightened with white.

Verdict: I’m no car builder, but this kit was horrible to build. Now I know this is a re-pop of a 1978 kit, so you can’t expect too much from it, but as the kit cost £35.00 including delivery it was an absolute dog for the money. The fit of the parts was shocking, flash everywhere (Ok, it is a 40 year old mould) the detail of the parts was very vague and the instructions were half a sheet of A5 paper. I don’t know if car kits are usually this bad, I have to say the Airfix RAV 4 I built was much better quality. But if this does represent the general quality of car kits I feel sorry for the car model builders, as compared with the quality us aircraft builders have come to expect  they are missing out! If the kit was £9.99 + postage it would still be a naff kit, but at a fair price. At £35 it left me feeling somewhat ripped off. Anyway, the end result was good, it built into a nice looking Mk.1 Scirocco, and let’s face it this is the only Mk.1 Scirocco kit on the market so if you want to build one you don’t have any other choice. Build it if you absolutely have to have a 1/25 model Mk.1 Scirocco, otherwise avoid it!





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