1/144 Revell Tornado ECR Tiger Meet 2011



Kit manufacture: Revell
Scale: 1/144
Kit No. 04846
Type: Tornado ECR Tiger Meet 2011
Extras used: None – OOB.
Paints and colours used: Tamiya XF-66 Light Grey for fuselage. Tamiya Flat Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Green for various bits such as weapons / nose. Mr Metal Color Buffable Aluminium for Pitot Tube.
Weathering: Flory Models Dark Dirt for exterior, Homebrew ink washes for wheel wells / undercarriage. Tamiya weathering kit (Rust and Oil) for nozzles.


I fancied a bit of a mojo builder after burning so many hours building the SHAR so what better that this awesome little kit.

This is a completely brilliant kit in no small part thanks to the decals – for £4.99 you can’t go wrong!

It took just over a week to build and I reckon the time was split about 25% assembling and painting the aircraft, 50% decaling and 25% weapons and undercarriage.


Build tips:

  1. This kit is a tail-sitter, so you will need to put some lead in the nose. I didn’t do this and had to saw the nose off with a razor saw and insert a large lead shot in the nose cone.
  2. If you model her with the refuelling probe retracted there aren’t enough decals to completely cover the retracted probe housing. To get around this I cut slices of unused decals and used them to cover the gaps. Any remaining gaps were touched up with Citadel acrylics.
  3. Definitely easier to build this one with the horizontal stabilisers off and fit them after decaling.
  4. The decals respond very well to Micro Sol decaling solution.


Go out and buy one of these kits! They’re great 🙂

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