1/144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar

1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1

Here’s my second build since getting back into it all, a 1:144 Sepecat Jaguar by Academy.

  • Kit manufacture: Academy
  • Scale: 1/144
  • Type: Sepecat Jaguar
  • Extras used: ExtraDecal post war RAF roundels/tail fin flash
  • Paints and colours used: Humbrol Enamels (standard colours apart from special mix for wheel wells), Mr Color Metalisers (Stainless Steel & Dark Iron), Flory Dark Dirt weather wash, dry chalk pastel staining.
  • Other info: PVA school glue Sidewinder seeker heads.

I bought this one from my local toy shop (Howleys of Weymouth), who have an awesome selection of kits. Loads of new stuff and also loads of really old classics. I spotted it for £2.99 and as the Jaguar is one of my favourite cold war jets I had to snap it up! However I didn’t even consider what scale it was and when I opened it up at home found out I’d bought a miniature version and not the 1/72 I expected. As it turned out I really enjoyed building at this scale, it was very fiddly in places but I’m really pleased how it all came together and will build more 1/144 in the future – especially given how many you can cram onto a display shelf at this scale!
This one was free-hand brush painted, I tried doing a hand brushed pre-shade but it didn’t really work out as the shading is too harsh when hand brushed, and also the brushed top coats go on quite thickly. I also hand brushed the clear coat (Humbrol Matt Coat) but because it went on so heavy it nearly washed away the chalk pastel shading.
Metalisers were used on the engine area, MATRA rocket pod and wheel legs. I used Dark Iron for the engine heat shields highlighted with Stainless Steel to create highlights – then a good buff.
For the Sidewinder missiles I cut the front ends off them, painted the cut end with stainless steel metaliser, buffed and then put a drop of school PVA glue on the tip to create the effect of a seeker head.

1:144 cademy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1:144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar 1

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2 comments on “1/144 Academy Sepecat Jaguar
  1. Thanks a ton brother , i am going to purchase my very first modeling kit which is going to be this Academy Jaguar 1/144. Here in my country such stuffs are still rare but thanks to amazon i found a starter kit . I was in huge dilemma between selecting Jaguar and Tornado F3 . Now thanks to you i have finally decided to go for my all time favourite British Aircraft . I am going to gift this kit to my dad who is a retired Indian Air Force officer … it will be very nostalgic for him 🙂 thanks again take care

    • Richard says:

      Hi Rahul, I’m glad this helped you in your choice – the Jaguar is a classic aircraft. Good luck with your build and I’m sure your dad will be very pleased with it 😀

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