Clothes shopping pays dividend…

Airfix 1/24 Sea HarrierThis afternoon I was out with the family clothes shopping at TK Maxx in Bournemouth.

The nippers wanted to go and look at the toys, so in order to get away from the clothing section I thought I’d supervise them.

Lurking behind the Bob the Builders, and Megatrons I spotted the Airfix logo on a large box… Bob and the Megatrons were soon relegated to the floor to reveal this beauty – an Airfix 1/24 Sea Harrier FRS.1.

And the best bit, it had been reduced from the RRP of £79.99 to a mere £29.99!

Say no more, shortly after that my stash had increased by the tune of 1 off 1/24 SHAR 😀

I doubt I’ll be starting this any time soon, I’m going to need a rest from Sea Harriers once I finish my Tamiya SHAR build.

Needless to say I had to have a quick look inside the box when I got it home, and it is absolutely huge! At 600mm long x 300mm wide it won’t even fit on my work bench. When I do pluck up the courage (and bench space) to tackle this one I’ll put up a build log here…

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