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I’m gonna need a bigger boat…

This fine garage kit arrived today from Patrick Delaney in the USA. 1/6 resin sculpt of Quint from Jaws… Cheers Patrick – he arrived in one piece and the likeness is awesome. really looking forward to starting this one! I

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Painting Kelly’s Heroes…

One of my favourite movie stars – Clint Eastwood AKA Kelly of Kelly’s Heroes… I’ve just finished this one, my second attempt at painting a bust and as it happens a lot harder than the first one I did. I

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Figure Painting Build Log – Lt. Col. John Frost (Paras) – Arnhem 1944

As I’m learning the ropes of figure painting I thought I’d put up a build log (paint log perhaps) of the 1/9 V-Bust from Mitches Military Models of Lt. Col. John Frost who commanded the 2Battalion of the Parachute Regiment

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Polishing off the 1/12 F16 Cockpit…

Well it’s taken almost 2 years, but the Italeri 1/12 F16 Cockpit is practically finished. In the final build log update for this build I get the helmet assembled, scratch build some new oxygen hoses, weather up the tub and

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Ed Force One – last call for passengers boarding flight 666

Well I don’t want to come across as negative, but “thank god that’s over!” 😉 This is definitely one of those builds where the joy is not so much in the making of the kit, but in the bit where

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Unshelving the Minicraft Boeing 757-200…

My shelf of doom isn’t looking too bad these days, I have two kits under the bed of doom (which is a bit more permanent) but the actual shelf of doom only consists of two kits, the 1/48 Phantom FGR.Mk2

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Captain John Miller – resin bust completed…

Today I got around to finishing off my Young Miniature US 2nd Ranger Battalion resin bust today (that’s Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan to you and me). All I needed to do was add a few minor tweaks and

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Painting Captain Miller…

It’s been ages since I managed to get some serious bench time what with pressures of work and all that, but for Xmas from my wife I got a Young Miniatures “US 2nd Ranger Battalion” figure. Or “Tom Hanks as Cpt

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I wouldn’t name my aircraft company something that reads like “Boing”…

I’ve had something a little different on the go this week…   No, I haven’t finally got around to training for the 2016 Skegness naked hula-hooping half marathon. That starts next week. This week I have cracked open a little build

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It’s all about the plastic…

This month the Sprue Cutter’s Union over at The Combat Workshop asks  “What are you’re imperatives?” “…We all get lazy at times but let’s face it, there are areas of this hobby that modelers cannot get skimpy. Whether it’s a part of the

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