1/72 Airfix MiG 15 bis – Build Log

7th February 2014

One of the things that I find as I’ve been getting back into the hobby is that my eye for detail is developing all the time – even part way through a build sometimes. I wish I had the ability to be able to look at a model at a certain state of play and instantly see all the things that need doing, but I tend to find that things make themselves visible to me one at a time.

For example, once I’d got the wings on and filled I then noticed that the trailing edges of the wings were really thick and out of scale…


Why I didn’t notice this while I was sanding the seams I have no idea – probably couldn’t see the wood for the trees 😉

Anyway, I sanded down the trailing edges to thin them out a bit…


Same for the tail:


After a going over with a Flory Models tickling stick – much more ‘in scale’…


Next up was the nose ring. This is going to be red in the scheme I’m going for, but given the silver vertical bar in the middle and the silver insides of the intakes it was a bit complex to paint. I reckoned that if I glued it on and tried to paint it later it’d be a nightmare of masking so I opted to spray it silver and then mask up the silver bits…


Then spray it red…


I’m afraid I missed out taking a photo of it unmasked, but it looked fine and could be glued to the fuselage…


Above is the nose ring in place, I’ve masked the front with a bit of Tamiya tape.

It looks like the MiG is just about to have a shave, but the white stuff is perfect plastic putty. This stuff sands so well I didn’t take too much care over where I smeared it as it sands very quickly.

Also in the above shot the canopy has been masked and PVAd to the fuselage.

I have to confess to a Homer Simpson moment with the canopy where I miss cued cutting the mask for the rear canopy section. I thought I was cutting along the canopy frame whereas I was actually cutting right along the middle of the glass panel. Doh! Unmasked it, sanded out the score mark and re-polished it.

Here’s the shaving foam sanded off and ready for some primer…


Time for a U-Turn here… Earlier I misread the call outs and painted the wheel wells gunmetal (Dark Iron) whereas the callouts actually specified silver. I was going to live with the gunmetal colour but having seen some reference pics the wheel wells are more like the cockpit blue colour. As I was going to use the cockpit blue I’d mixed earlier I decided to go ahead and re-spray the wheel wells.


They’ll get a bit of weathering later on.

Looking at the reference photos, the canopy frame is also that cockpit blue colour so I decided to go over the canopy frame with said cockpit blue…


This has highlighted a fair bit of PVA that didn’t get cleaned off after glueing the canopy so the next job is to clean up the area around the canopy where it meets the fuselage.

I blew over the wing root seams with primer too and they look to have blended in really nicely – good old perfect putty and Mr Surfacer 500.

Also I notice that because the canopy is a single piece, there is no seam between the rear and front sections. So while I’m tidying up the canopy to fuselage joint, I’m going to scribe in a seam in the canopy frame, and intend to fill around the front part of the canopy to make it look like its permanently attached to the fuselage, and will leave the rear section with a bit of a gap under it to give the impression that it can slide backwards.

Finally the primer (and the close up photo) has revealed a bit of  seam up the antenna next to the canopy – that’ll feel the wrath of a sanding stick very shortly.

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