1/72 Airfix MiG 15 bis – Build Log

22nd January 2014

Here’s a build I’ve started of a new tool Airfix MiG 15 that I picked up for a not too shabby £4 from Hobby Craft in the January sales…


To be honest it would be a great kit at the full price of £7.99 🙂


Gotta say the glass looks great, better than a lot of the old-skool kits I’ve built recently. Unfortunately on closer inspection on the other side it has a fine crack in it. Not surprising given how thin the canopy is, but will have to contact Airfix to see if they can send me a replacement.


Good news – recessed panel lines, bad news they’re very recessed. But as long as I don’t go mental with the wash they should look pretty good.


So with the obligatory box and sprue shots out of the way – on with the build…

I’ve just finished a 1/72 Vampire and I ended up having a bit of a ballast nightmare with that one. I stuffed as much lead into the nose as I could, and gave it a bit of a balance test, but once it was all together it turned out to still be a tail sitter :'( So I ended up having to cunningly tuck bits of ballast into intakes and wheel wells to get her to sit on the front wheel.

Given that the MiG is quite tail heavy I decided to go for a dry fit from the start to make sure that I got the ballast sorted properly this time.


And with no ballast – very much a tail sitter (here I’ve got the landing gear legs installed without wheels).


In the area that the ballast will go, I taped 3 lead shot under the chin and this brought the nose down firmly.


But I will use 4 lead shot just to be sure…

Overall the quality of this kit is great, nice to be working on new tool stuff – as I said, I seem to have been plagued with always working on 70’s kits recently. Not that I mind – it’s all part of the fun, but also nice to have a kit with no flash, well fitted parts for a change.

The only fault with this kit (apart from the heavy panel lines) so far has been the poor placement of ejector pins.

Here’s a beauty in the parcel shelf that is right in the middle of some detail. There were some corkers in the wheel wells and nose intake that needed to be filled/sanded.


Moving along, I got the seat painted up and dry-brushed. Also had a stab at some Tamiya tape seat belts…


And then onto the rest of the tub…


All the paint is Tamiya flat acrylic. The light blue is a homebrew mix, dry brushed with light grey and silver.

Standard decals on the sides of the control panels.

And the front of the tub installed and decaled up…


Here’s the fuselage sides ready to go together.

Note two lead shot either side… I CA glued these (Superglue) to get them in place, and then gave them a good coat of PVA so that they’ve got something flexible to hold them in place against knocks and bumps. I don’t want the CA to crack and have the balls rattling around inside.


The nose intake is Mr Metalizer Stainless Steel – I will be using this for the exterior finish too.

I’m using this build as a bit of a practice run before I open up my 1/48 Lightning – I haven’t done much in the way of NMF before so thought it best to make my mistakes on something smaller before tackling the big project.

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