1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk 2 – Build Log

30th December 2014

Well it’s been 1 year and 1 month since I resurrected this build from the shelf of doom. Well, I say “Shelf of Doom”, it was more like the “Children’s bedroom of peril” because for 8 years it had been kicking around, built but unpainted in my boys’ bedroom being used as an occasional toy.

But here we are, 9 years on and I am pleased to say she is pretty much completed now and will be another 2014 completed build 🙂


Not a huge amount to show you for the final build update, but I took a few snaps along the way…


The port-holes for the “back afties” needed to be drilled and windowed. I left this until the end purely because I didn’t think about it earlier (might as well be honest about it ;))…
First I drilled the centre with a 1mm drill using a pin chuck…



Then the hole was enlarged with a bigger drill – about 2.5mm for this one…




Same for the other side (if the other hole is a Port Hole, is this a Starboard Hole?).

From 2.5mm the hole was taken out to be almost the final size with a scalpel. This was to reduce the amount of swarf that ends up inside the fuselage.



And to finish it off, a fine round needle file was used to take the hole to its final size.

Here the inside edge of the hole has been given a coat of Citadel Abaddon Black (Matt Black to you and me).



And in goes a generous dab of PVA glue. I just use school glue for this as it seems to dry nice and clear.



While the portholes and starboardholes are drying, time to move onto the last of the fiddly bits.

Not much to do here, mainly pitot tubes, refuelling probe, some vent pipes and the surf board looking affair is the counter poise ECM aerial plate that fits between the starboard jet pipes.



Time for a few more cock-ups before we’re finished 😉

After fitting the pitot tubes and giving them some paint and clear coat, I did my usual trick of unmasking and removing part of the roundel :'(















Same on the other side, I managed to rip out a bit of the red from the roundel.

I de-tacked the Tamiya tape 2 or 3 times before applying it, I just think I was a bit rough removing it. When will I ever learn!? 😉




As it happens the roundels are from a sheet of XtraDecals and I have some spares. So to repair the damage I just cut a bit out of another decal and applied it over the top…




Same for the other side.

It’s not perfect but at least the colours match. Once it’s been clear coated and rubbed down it should blend in Ok. Also I’m hoping that it comes under the category of “if you don’t know it’s there, you won’t notice it.”!




Another job I’ve been putting off due to the fiddly masking – painting the jet pipes.

As usual I prepare for spraying buffable metalisers by masking the fuselage to within an inch of it’s life. That metaliser paint can’t half travel so 10 minutes of masking now could save hours of touch up work later!




I used my newly adopted technique of spraying metalisers (Mr Metal Colour Buffable Iron) which is to put 0.5ml of Mr Color Leveling Thinners into the colour cup of the airbrush, and add a brush full of metaliser.

Pressure set to about 12 PSI and it sprays like a dream with no clogging or spitting.

The only thing is to leave it to dry for 20 minutes because the Mr Color Thinners retards the drying and you’ll get a horrible mess if you try to buff the metaliser while still wet.

Once dried, the jet pipes were buffed up and came out really nicely. They will be left bare metal without clear coat to preserve their metallic look.




The other nick-nacks were painted flat white, clear coated and suitably weathered with Flory Dark Dirt wash. Apart from the refuelling probe which was done the same grey as the fuselage.




And finally, the last piece (refuelling probe) is attached to the Vulcan prior to a bit of a touch up here and there.



So that just about wraps her up!

I just need to do a few touch ups, drill the base ready for the Acrylic rods and then do the final reveal photos…


Click here to see the final reveal photos…


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6 comments on “1/72 Airfix Avro Vulcan B Mk 2 – Build Log
  1. James says:

    I’m about to start his model and I’m going to scribe the panel lines – how did you remove the raised panel lines?

    Great article and pics btw

    • Richard says:

      Cheers James… I sanded the panel lines down using a Flory Skinny Stick – FMS008 X12 Fine Skinny Sticks on this page http://www.florymodels.co.uk/skinny-sticks/ but you could use any fine sanding stick. The trick is to work one line at a time, sand them down until they are barely visible (but not erased altogether) then re-scribe them in using the remnants of the original line as a guide.

  2. Mark cannon says:

    Wow mate fantastic just read Vulcan 607 by Roland white and I’m terribly jealous! Would love to take the build on as I love the plane since seeing its final display at southport but all that scribing and sanding puts me right off as I’m currently struggling with eduards su 27b and another tough build would put me into therapy!

    • Richard says:

      Cheers Mark 🙂 Vulcan 607 is a great read! The Airfix kit does need some stamina to complete it, but the end result is worth it. Just so long as you can avoid the ensuing mental trauma. Good luck with the Su27 build!

  3. David Wahnish says:

    I may only be an ignorant Yank, but I have always loved the Vulcan since I saw Thunderball as a boy, and I know a big beautiful bird when I see one ;).

    Jolly good show Richard!

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