1/9 V-Bust – Lt. Col. John Frost cmdr 2nd Parachute Battalion – Arnhem 1944

27th March 2016

With the difficult bit done it’s onto the final update…


Next thing to do is the scrim scarf. This has already been base coated with Vallejo US Dark Green, so now it’s just a case of adding shadows and highlights to it.

Here’s the state of play on the palette, a gradient going from black on the left to white on the right with the US Dark Green in the middle.



First the shadows were added to the scarf by applying a darkened green mix into the creases and folds, and also on areas that would be in shadow.

Note that the shadows were applied to the scarf with the head off to make it easier.




Since I already have the base coat on the scarf, the next thing is to add some highlights. As usual these go on the areas of the scarf that would catch the light.




And finally some of the very light green mix is sparingly applied to the very lightest areas.




I still need to get some dark shadows on the go, so for this I’m using Citadel Nuln Oil which is a dark wash.




I ran some Nuln Oil around the area where the scarf meets the neck. It needs to be nice and dark there.




Next I went all over the scarf dotting Nuln Oil into every recess on the scarf. I chose not to just apply a wash over the entire scarf because I don’t want it to go dull.




Onto the ribbons…

For these I did some research on Wikipedia to see what medals Lt. Col. Frost had been awarded and then looked up the ribbon colour for each.

It was then just a case of painting in the ribbons the correct colour.

Note that as usual the ribbons are treated as a mini model, so they received their own share of shadowing and highlighting, with a bit of white added to the edges to create highlights.




The figure at this stage is quite satin, so I’m going to apply a coat of Humbrol Matt Cote to flatten the finish down.

I don’t want the beret badge to go dull so that gets a coat of Humbrol Maskol to protect it.




After matt coating, all that’s left to do is paint the brass bits.

In reality during combat the badges would have been cloth ones so as not to reflect the light. However in this sculpt they have been added as brass badges, so I’ll paint them in brass.

The paint I used for this was Mr Metal Color Brass.

When the brass has dried, I’ll drop some thinned black paint into the recesses of the badges to bring them to life a bit…



That’s it for this figure folks…


Click here to see the final reveal photos…


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