1/72 Italeri Short Sunderland III – Build Log

19th June 2014

Gotta say that though I’m only on day two of building this, I love this kit!

It isn’t perfect, it has a bit of flash here and there, the parts need to be coaxed a little here and there,  there are ejector pin marks to take care of  but it’s just flying together. It just seems to be a no-nonsense kit so far, you sit down at the bench for a couple of hours and at the end of it you have what looks like a couple of hours work done.

I’m finding this one positively addictive!


Today I made a start on the instrument panel, the decal was applied and the Photo Etch (PE) was dry brushed with Tamiya Medium Grey.

Those decals soak quickly! I reckon the instrument panel decal was in the water for about 20 seconds and when I touched it with a paint brush it leapt onto the brush and tried to curl up. It’s gone down well though, a good soaking in Micro Sol and there’s no sign of silvering at all.




Once dry the decal got a good covering in PVA glue. I’m just using some old school glue that seems to dry nice and clear.




And the PE then squished into the glue and clamped in place with a couple of reverse grip tweezers while it dries.

I admit to a Frank Spencer moment in the photo below – the left hand tweezer is actually over one of the dials 😳




Here’s the finished instrument panel – not bad for 1/72!

Note the Frank Spencered gauge on the right hand side, remember if anyone asks, that gauge took a bullet from a U-Boat Captains side arm over the Bay of Biscay – definitely not tweezers 😉




The wireless operators station detailed and dry brushed.

I used Citadel <insert troll name here> black for the faces of the instruments, I find Citadel better than Tamiya Acrylic for brushing but even then the Citadel stuff is quite gloopy. It doesn’t dry as fast as Tamiya which makes it better but I still don’t reckon you can beat Humbrol Enamels for brushing. They dry slower and self level much better than the acrylics I’ve tried.

Mind you, I have found the Citadel <insert troll name here> Silver is good for dry brushing – doesn’t dry as fast as the Tamiya stuff.




Here’s a shot of the upstairs (flight deck sounds good)…

The wireless operators seat has been hand brushed with Humbrol Enamel, with a slight highlight airbrushed on with Tamiya Dark Yellow to give the seat a bit of depth.

I’m really happy how that PE looks behind where the pilots seats will go, my first time using it and I’m hooked 😀

In the photo below everything’s had a dry brush over with Citadel <insert toll name here> Silver.




And the downstairs (probably called below decks, or the brig officially)…

A bit of Mr Metal Color Buffable Dark Iron on the sticky uppy thing in the middle. This is the bit that the anchor attaches to so is probably some kind of windlass.

The dry brushing got a bit out of control here and there, but I’m going to leave it in the name of randomness.




The flight deck bulkhead masked and painted with Tamiya Rubber Black…




And again, unmasked and with the electrical panel dry brushed.

Here the curtain has had a coat of Humbrol Matt Black Enamel.




And before the Black enamel dried it got a blending over with Humbrol Dark Grey enamel. It’s still quite glossy, I’ll paint the tie back when it’s dry and then give it a matt clear coat if it still looks shiny tomorrow…




A bit more progress on the flight deck, instrument panel is in situ and the wireless operator station has been installed…




And finally for this update the upstairs becomes an upstairs and the downstairs becomes a downstairs as the two parts are glued together…


I’ve got to sort out the PE seatbelts and fit the pilots seats, flight deck bulkhead and anchor and that’s the front of house done 😀


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3 comments on “1/72 Italeri Short Sunderland III – Build Log
  1. Alan Willoughby says:

    Hi – Interesting build log – a few comments. The “Windlass” is actually a winch, and the anchor is only used when away from normal base. Normally a chain runs from the winch through the mooring bollard out to the buoy link.

    The seat belts on the Sunderland were white, you can see them draped over the back of the 1st pilots seat

    The Mk III Sunderland didn’t have three portholes in the rear fuselage it only had two, so you don’t need to open up the closed up ones in the kit -this is a MK V but basic same fuselage as the Mk III.
    The one porthole that Italeri did forget was a tenth porthole on the lower Starboard side forward of the first porthole on the model kit.

    As always after you add paint, the lower section of the Sunderland was a “Silver” finish from the stairwell back to the inner rear wall of the bomb bay. Upperdeck from section behind wireless ops position to area just forward of the upper turret. This is the Airfix kit pianted up

    Hope that helps?



    • Richard says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the detailed info and picture links. I’d never have guessed they used white seatbelts, couldn’t be more opposite than the black that Italeri call for 😉

      Cheers – Rich

  2. il kit e fantastico vorrei sapere se èdisponibile è il suo prezzo grazie

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