1/72 Italeri Short Sunderland III – Build Log

Hello folks, here’s another of my entries to a Group Build over at Flory Models, a Short Sunderland Mk.III as flown by RAAF 10 Squadron out of Mount Batten in Plymouth (Italeri Kit No. 1352).

10 Squadron were one of several Sunderland squadrons to fly ASW screening sorties along the flanks of the invasion force during Operation Overlord.



The instructions are in the form of a stapled booklet printed on nice paper. 1


Assembly instructions are done as CAD renderings which makes them clear to follow. (Will reserve full judgment for when I’ve started assembling things)… 2


Nice colour plans for the markings – I’ll be doing the markings in the top left (with added barnacles). 3



Includes a fret of Photo Etch…



Clear parts look pretty clear, but might use PVA to replace all those portholes! 6



Recessed panel lines and lots of rivets. It’s very heavily done though, I might grow a few carrots in those furrows during the build. 8




A fairly big bird in the making (for 1/72 anyway).




And here’s a photo taken by the crew of Sunderland Mk.III W4030 H of 10 Sqn RAAF which sank U-243 on 8 Jul, 1944. It’s a shame the decals don’t include W4040 (H) specifically, but there is an “H” in the decal sheet for one of the other squadrons, so I might have to use a bit of artistic license and use that instead of “Z”.

Photo taken by the crew of Sunderland Mk.III W4030 H of 10 Sqn RAAF which sank U-243 on 8 Jul, 1944


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3 comments on “1/72 Italeri Short Sunderland III – Build Log
  1. Alan Willoughby says:

    Hi – Interesting build log – a few comments. The “Windlass” is actually a winch, and the anchor is only used when away from normal base. Normally a chain runs from the winch through the mooring bollard out to the buoy link.

    The seat belts on the Sunderland were white, you can see them draped over the back of the 1st pilots seat

    The Mk III Sunderland didn’t have three portholes in the rear fuselage it only had two, so you don’t need to open up the closed up ones in the kit -this is a MK V but basic same fuselage as the Mk III.
    The one porthole that Italeri did forget was a tenth porthole on the lower Starboard side forward of the first porthole on the model kit.

    As always after you add paint, the lower section of the Sunderland was a “Silver” finish from the stairwell back to the inner rear wall of the bomb bay. Upperdeck from section behind wireless ops position to area just forward of the upper turret. This is the Airfix kit pianted up

    Hope that helps?



    • Richard says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for the detailed info and picture links. I’d never have guessed they used white seatbelts, couldn’t be more opposite than the black that Italeri call for 😉

      Cheers – Rich

  2. il kit e fantastico vorrei sapere se èdisponibile è il suo prezzo grazie

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