1/72 Airfix Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2(BS) – Build Log

Here it is… The (second) long anticipated new tool V-Bomber from Airfix. First we got the Valiant, and now we have the Victor, which means that all 3 V-Bombers are now available from Airfix, albeit the Vulcan being decidedly old-skool and not exactly what you would call a “shake-n-bake” kit.

I always wanted to do a 1/72 Victor, and when Airfix announced this one it was a foregone conclusion that it would be entering my stash. Last weekend (10th December 2016) I happened to be visiting Salisbury, so of course a trip to the most excellent Salisbury Model Centre was in order. I really wasn’t intending to buy anything (much) as I’d just had a stash clearout on eBay and was enjoying the fact that I didn’t have a mountain of kits at home saying “build me, build me”. I resisted their usual temptations of all manner and make of cold war jets, when up on the top shelf I spied the Victor. Well that was it really, it was going to be bought – and it was.

And here it is, the subject of my next build log.



There are two colour schemes with this one, the first is anti-flash white for the nuclear bomber option – complete with Blue Steel missile. And the second is the grey/green camo as shown below.

I’m going to be going for the camo option.



The decals seem nice enough, plenty of stencils and roundels. Nothing spectacular, but Victors weren’t know for their flamboyant colour schemes. Well maybe during operation Granby when they got nose art, but that’s a different era altogether.



The instructions are nicely done, it looks like they’ve created them straight from the CAD renders which gives a nice look to them.



Onto the sprues, this is going to be a big bird when it’s done…


The wing assembly is the main part of this kit, it contains the intake assembly and the engines.


The panel lines are recessed (as you’d expect for a modern kit) and don’t look to be too deep.



The glass is really good. Nice and clear and quite thin. Given the small amount of glazing on the Victor, you’re going to want all the clarity you can get here if you’re to see any of the detailed interior.


First impressions of the plastic is that it is quite soft, and some of the moulding isn’t as sharp as it could be. There is a bit of flash here and there, so we’ll have to see how it is as the build progresses.


Next update – making a start…

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