1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

26th January 2014

Just a small update this time…

I got the lower wings glued on and filled, and have spent most of the time since the last update mulling over how I’m going to attach the glass and mask it up – the open cockpit caused me a bit of a poser there.

Anyway, in the movie there is a fair bit of scuffing under the float (as you might expect on a seaplane I suppose)…


So I’m going to try to emulate that with some hairspray chipping. In anticipation of that the underside has been sprayed white with Tamiya flat white…


And after giving the cockpit more thought than was probably healthy I painted the inside framework with XF-8 and also ran a coat around the edge of the cockpit…

I also filled the front part of the canopy with Perfect Plastic Putty (the white stuff). That stuff is great! Where it’s water soluble you can smear it over the join between fuselage and canopy, then remove the excess with a dampened cotton bud before it dries without affecting the clear parts at all.

Next up will be hairspraying the underside, and then pre-shading and a coat of Blue (at long last).

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