1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

7th January 2014

Was it really the second week of November the last time I did an update here!? The Stuka and Enterprise build really put this one on the back burner, that and the fact that I still had to apply the rest of the lead ball rivets to the Duck 😉

Over the past couple of days I’ve been getting medieval on the riveting, really revved myself up for the challenge and in the end it went really easily and was done in an hour. It was one of those jobs that I just kept putting off and the longer I put it off, the worse the task seemed to be.

So to get me back in the swing I did a line of rivets on the front fuselage section, they went in fine and easily so I carried on and did the holes for all the other rivets in one hit.


Then a dribble of Klear over the holes one row at a time, and the lead balls were persuaded into the holes.


Where they are so heavy (for their size) the balls drop into the holes really easily, and the Klear stops then from going too far and rolling off the model.

A quick spray of primer and I’m happy with the end result, and even more happy that this stage of the build is complete 🙂


There was only one bit that niggled me after that which was the ADF antenna fairing that was supplied with the kit looked like they got it from a Wellington!

Here’s how the ADF antenna fairing looked in the film:


And top right in the photo below is the one supplied with the kit…


You can’t really see the scale of it I’m afraid, but it was pretty huge and the wrong style for the film version.

I really try not to get too perfectionist over modelling, so I had a real dilemma as to whether to leave the part out altogether or to try to make a better one… I told myself that “life’s too short” to worry about these things, but in the end I decided to have a go at making one as it’s quite prominent on the top of the fuselage.

In the photo above is the donor sprue…

And below is the sprue having been cunningly fashioned into roughly the right cross section with one of Phil’s magic titivating sticks…


Scratching the part actually went much quicker than I thought it would (I think my build time optimism has been exterminated by the recent Enterprise build lol) 😉

A quick hone up and a polish and it was looking pretty close…


The new fairing was sawn off its sprue and trimmed to the right height. Here it is next to the original part.


I must admit I think I made the new ADF antenna fairing a bit too small, but once attached to the Duck I’m pretty happy with it.


The white stuff around the fairing is remnants of Perfect Plastic Putty – it’ll look fine when primed and painted later… Though it’s a bit smaller than the one in the film it’s a better match than the kit part so I’m more than happy with that 🙂

Next up I’m actually onto attaching the bottom wings…

I’ve been looking forward to this part as it’ll start looking more like an aeroplane and less like a shoe. However I have to confess I was nearly at home to Mr Cock-up at this stage. When I was thinking about fitting the wings I offered them up, then considered whether they just fit flat (parallel to the ground), or whether they are angled up or down. It was one of those mental conversations where the laziness imp on your shoulder is telling you “Nah, just glue them in flat mate, it’ll be quicker anyway the pub shuts in half an hour.”. Then the imp of good practice popped onto the other shoulder (he looked a lot like Norm Abrams from the New Yankee Workshop) and started going on about “Measure twice, cut once…”, and the relative merits of dry fitting and testing.  Since it was raining and the pub is a fair walk, I decided to listen to Norm and did a dry fit of the wings with white tack.

I’m glad I did:


The lower wings were very far from parallel to the ground reminding me never to ASSUME because to do so makes an ASS out of U and ME 😉

World crisis averted I got the lower wings glued in place and they are currently setting before I take off the upper wing to continue the build…


I’m planning to do most of the painting with the upper wing off the model so that I can get the airbrush where it needs to go, also I’ve got some major decaling to do down the sides for the lettering which will be easier to do with the top wing off…

I also need to decide on how to rig it – fishing line and CA is looking favourite at the moment…


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