1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

3rd November 2013

Looking at the cockpit today with fresh eyes, it just looked way too plain. So I started on Operation Tart-up.
First I thinned out the fuselage sides – as shown circled in red. The sides are left thick where the glass will attach.


Then I added some ribbing made from plasticard to create a bit of interest and to provide something to weather wash. I also fashioned a throttle from part of the machine gun which isn’t being used with a blob of solder glued onto it to form a knob.


Same for the right hand side except a bit of tinned copper wire has been doubled up and run through the cockpit over the ribbing.


Also added a few plasticard details to the seats, floor and rear bulkhead – again to try to break up the boring slabs of plastic and to provide something to weather and wash.

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