1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

2nd November 2013

I started building today, must admit I haven’t had the kit open until now or planned anything so I’m going to work out any problems as I go.

The plastic is very soft and it’s all too easy to over do it with the scalpel when trimming. There’s a bit of flash but not too much and the detail looks pretty good. Tons of rivets and raised panel lines, but on this type of plane that ought to work quite well with a bit of dry brushing.

My first dilemma is the engine, in the film the Duck has the engine cowl removed whereas the kit is moulded with the cowl in place. As a consequence the engine detail doesn’t go all the way around, and with the cowl removed the front of the fuselage cuts off abruptly:





I’m going to see if I can trim the disc down around the engine by sawing/filing. If that fails I’ll probably look at a resin 1820 radial to go on there. To get the front of the fuselage rounded is going to be a bit of filler and sanding.

It’s going to need an exhaust made for it so will break out the Milliput and fashion one from that.

I decided for this kit to convert over from Humbrol Enamels to Tamiya Acrylics, here’s my first bash with the Tamiya – a liberal coat of Cockpit Green:



The acrylic sprays quite differently to the enamels (seems more controlled), will take some adjusting to but so far so good. Smells better too 😉

I always find it amazing what you notice about an object when you spend any time modelling it, and on this one I’ve learned that the Duck has a downstairs. didn’t;t realise that before. It won’t be very visible so I won’t spend much time detailing it or anything.

The detail levels for the visible cockpit make it look like it was designed by Ikea, so I might have to tart that up a bit. I’m not going to go too mad on detail there though as it’s not very visible especially at the small scale…

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