1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

2nd March 2014

Last week I ordered up some EZ Line to use for the rigging of the Duck. Previously I’ve used fishing baiting elastic for rigging, mainly because I have miles of the stuff in my fishing tackle stash. The problem with it is that it is too wide for 1/72 scale – probably more like the right scale for 1/32, so you have to split it by nicking the end of it with a blade and tearing it into thinner strips. This is quite hit and miss, and a bit time consuming to say the least. Given the amount of rigging the Duck will require it’s easier to buy some EZ Line which is already the right width.

I ordered a small reel of Fine EZ Line from Models R Go, and as per their usual standard of customer care, John included a free sample of the thicker EZ Line for me to try (Cheers John – you’re s star!). The thicker line would be good for heavier rigging or larger scales such as 1/48 or bigger. The fine stuff is good for 1/72.

Anyway, on with the rigging.

The rigging is attached with drops of CA glue (Superglue), and I used VitalBond Activator Spray (AKA Kicker) to speed up the drying process of the CA glue.

To begin with I applied a drop of CA glue to the model with a cocktail stick, held the end of a length of EZ Line against the blob of glue, and then gave it a squirt of Kicker to instantly set the glue. This worked well, but I found that the Kicker spare dried with quite a bit of residue. Also it was tricky to hold the model, hold the EZ Line and also hold the kicker spray – an Octopus I am not 😉

The residue from the kicker cleaned up with a bit of White Spirit on a cotton bud, and for the rest of the rigging I changed tack slightly…


I found the best way to attach the rigging was to cut lengths of EZ Line, and dip the ends in kicker. To do this I just decanted (sprayed) a bit of kicker into its lid creating a pool of the stuff into which I could dip the EZ Line. The kicker will dry on the line, but this is fine as it still works when dry.

Then a dot of superglue is applied where the EZ Line is to be attached, and the end of the EZ Line placed into the dot of glue and held until it just about grips.

When the line grips enough in the CA glue to stay put, I picked up a bit of kicker fluid on a fine brush, and touched it onto the model next to the glue. The kicker is mega thin and wicks very readily all around the glue helping it to cure quickly.

This avoided spraying kicker all over the model, given the amount of rigging I had to do the Duck would have ended up drenched in t he stuff.

EZ Line rigging on 1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck

Above you can see some of the rigging in place, and on the wing are two lines that have been tacked at one end, ready to be secured at their other ends.

I found it best to cut the lines about 3mm shorter than they need to be so that when you glue the free end the line is under slight tension. You don’t want so much tension that the glue joint is under lots of stress, just enough to eliminate any possible sag.


And here’s another shot (sorry for the poor quality) showing more of the lines in place.

EZ Line rigging on 1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck

As you can see there is a minimum of touching up to do, the main thing being that the CA glue dries with a gloss finish whereas the finish of the Duck is matt.

The rigging was a much easier job than I anticipated, the EZ Line certainly made light work of it and the use of CA with Activator was a great help. Admitedly it would have been a different story if I’d had to do a traditional rigging job with turnbuckles and the like, but all in all not too many swear words were required during the process. I think one “FFS” was sufficient to see the job through.


So that’s about it for this build *woot* just need to paint the rigging with a thin mix of blue paint dulled down with a bit of Tamiya Sea Blue, touch in a few glue marks then it’ll be time to stand back, light your pipe, and admire your handywork.


That’ll be the last update for the build thread, once she’s been touched up and titivated I’ll do the photos ready for the final reveal 😀

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