1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

11th February 2014

I’ve had another few good sessions on the Duck, for an £8.99 old-skool 1/72 Airfix kit with a single page of assembly instructions this kit has certainly given me some massive value for money 😉

Can’t believe I started this in November but the end is in sight now 🙂

I got various kick-naks primered and pre-shaded ready for the final stages of assembly.


When fitting the upper wing struts, I found the easiest way was to measure the distance between the holes on the fuselage, and then transpose that dimension onto the struts. As the glue set they were persuaded to be the correct distance apart and checked to be horizontal with each other…


Once they had set, a good dose of Perfect Plastic Putty…


I tried to minimise the amount of re-work required by just wiping the excess putty off with a damp cotton bud before the filler dried. But after about 3 passes with this approach the filler was still undercutting the surface (where the filler was ended up slightly recessed) so for the final coat I let it dry proud and then sanded it flat. Should have done this in the first place in hind sight.

Moving on I had a good look through my reference photos to see how the upper wing was going to fit and to have a pre-emptive squizz at the rigging. Then I noticed that in the movie the Duck doesn’t have a vertical strut in the centre of the upper wing. In the photo below you can see a lifting eye where the strut supplied with the kit was supposed to be.


So the hole in the fuselage was promptly bunged up with plastic putty…


A lifting eye then cunningly fashioned from purest styrene sheet…


Then glued in place and touched in…

[72]Next up was to fashion some tea towels for the upper wing…

In the movie, Murphy and Louis repair some bullet holes in the Duck by stitching a tea towel (or the cloth of a deck chair) over the holes…


For this I used some 6mm Tamiya Tape…


The squares of tape stuck onto a piece of acetate sheet and then sprayed white…


And a suitable tea towel pattern applied using some coloured pencil…


And here’s a shot of the Duck with the top wing installed complete with tea towel patch…


I haven’t touched in the glue marks on the struts yet, I’ll do that after its been rigged.

And finally for this update, the undercarriage has been assembled, painted, shaded and klear coated ready for a bit of Phil’s magic wash.


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