1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck (Murphy’s War) – Build Log

30th January 2014

I carried on with the chipping – I think I put too much hairspray on… I brushed some water onto the bottom of the float, lit the blowlamp in readiness and let it soak for a minute or two.

Then I gave the paint a light nudge with a soft brush and the blue paint just started to lift away. As it turned out this was fine because the effect I was after was one of heavy wear and paint removal, but if I’d have been going for chipping I’d have needed a thinner coat of hairspray I reckon in order to make it harder to remove the blue paint.


Happy days though, the scuffed effect was exactly what I’d hoped for 🙂

Next up was a coat of Klear in readiness for some decaling…


The Klear really brought out the richness of the blue paint and it’s looking a lot more like the movie star now rather than the pale dusty blue it was before varnishing…

Next up – the decals 🙂


For the RAF roundels I used Xtradecals X72045, and for the tail insignia I masked it and sprayed it.

The wording was done with Ventura Decals V7282 a letter at a time (both sides) and it went on pretty straight considering.  The only thing I didn’t anticipate with the lettering is that the entire sheet of letters is printed on the same clear backing, so you have to trim very close to the letters to reduce the amount of clear stuff that gets left around the letters.

With the decals on, I gave her a couple more coats of Klear and then got on with a few more paint jobs…

First of all the metal things near the nose – possibly air intakes?? They’re not exhausts because the exhausts are directly behind the engines… Anyway – the metal things are getting a coat of Mr Metal Color Iron – this stuff travels for miles (as I discovered when I inadvertently converted my de Havilland Vampire into Saturday Night Fever livery).

So when spraying metalizer I’m not taking any chances now…


And with the masking removed and the metal things now Iron coloured:


I also painted the orange bit on the nose – this looks like some kind of red oxide paint in the movie so I thought I’d be faithful to the film and add it in there.

I did lose the ‘N’ from ‘RN’ when I removed the masking tape (despite detacking it) but I’ve got plenty of ‘N’s so was easy to stick another one on there.

From here, a few more coats of Klear and then I’ll think about the final weathering…

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