1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat – Build Log

21st December 2014

What a mega session that was today!

After a quick fettle up I got the pre-shading done, even used Flat Black this time! 😉




And the pre-shading on the underside…




Next up was a top coat of Tamiya Sky Grey XF-19. What I’m going for here is quite a light grey Tomcat similar to the ones in the movie. She’ll be heavily weathered in true Tomcat tradition…




With the top coat pretty much done it was time to add in a few details. First the rubber air bags under the swing wings were masked up…




And also the anti-slip areas atop the intakes…




The rubber airbags were airbrushed with Tamiya Rubber Black, with a bit of Tamiya Dark Grey here and there to add a bit of texture.

The anti-slip areas were sprayed with Tamiya Buff heavily lightened with flat white. The anti slip areas also got a bit of bleaching by adding some more white to the mix.




And after a good long session, here she is coated in Klear and ready for the next stage…


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2 comments on “1/72 Academy F-14A Tomcat – Build Log
  1. delys says:

    It was my Christmas present and I was blown away by it. Couldn’t have been moredelighted or impressed by the work that went into it.

  2. dan says:

    i really enjoyed reading this. And you are funny 🙂 glad your mum liked it. I will use some of these techniques when i build my academy tomcat

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