1/48 Tamiya BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 – Build Log

16th April 2014

Moving along… One of my favourite parts of the build is getting the canopy masked and glued onto the fuselage – for me it always feels like a real mile-stone in a build.

Although the cockpit turned out better than I’d hoped, and I was tempted to go with the canopy open, I ended up sticking to the original plan and have gone for a closed canopy.
The front canopy was almost 1mm too wide at the open end (where it joins the rear canopy, meaning it would have stuck out proud from the fuselage and looked naff. I thought about bending it into position and somehow holding it in place while the glue set, but didn’t like the idea of it being under tension and popping off at a later date.

So I dunked the front canopy in some nearly boiling water, softened it up for a few seconds and then bent it in slightly. And when I say “slightly” I mean as in “slightly too far”. The front canopy was now almost 1mm too narrow. Nevermind, another couple of stabs at warming it and bending it ended up with it fitting much better than before and no forcing it into position required.




Next I set to work on the wings…

Lots of work to do here, the trailing edges are as thick as scaffolding planks and will need to be thinned out. I’ll sand away half the thickness from the underside when I re-scribe underneath and will remove the other half when I do the upper surface.




The wings are also in need of a re-scribe, here’s the underside of the port wing after re-scribing. I gave it a quick sand and left the sanding dust in the panel lines so they stand out for the photo…

At this stage I’m aiming to get the wings attached to the fuselage ASAP so I’ll do the undersides and glue them on before tackling the upper sides.




Before the wings went on I had to do a little re-scribe between the nozzles, best to do this before the wings go on otherwise it would be a nightmare to get at…




Dry fitting the wings they didn’t seem to fit too badly but they were a bit low and created a bit of a step…




To get around this and to allow the wings to be fitted a bit higher, I removed a bit of plastic using a diamond needle file as highlighted in green sharpie below:

I didn’t remove the entire green area, removing about 0.5mm did the trick.




With that done the wing could be tweaked upwards almost eliminating the step…




And here she is with the wings glued on and starting to look like a SHAR 😀



Next update – probably something to do with filler 😉

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