1/48 Tamiya BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 – Build Log

17th March 2014

I managed to make a small start on the SHAR…

First off, the engine looked pretty straight forward so I assembled it. The engine contains a half-baked attempt by Tamiya at a linkage that allows you to rotate one nozzle and the others all rotate with it.

In hind sight I reckon the linkage will fall off almost as soon as the model is finished and serve no other purpose than to rattle around whenever the model is touched. I’m probably going to winkle the linkage out through a hole in the rear of the engine and glue the nozzles in a fixed position.



Next I had a look at the jet nozzles. Two words immediately sprang to mind “Oh” and “Dear”. The only word that followed that was “Hmmmmm…”. I got stuck on the 3rd word for some time before moving on.

I can accept that there will be gaps and seams when building a nozzle out of two parts. I can allow for a bit of flash – especially on an older kit. But what is that round peg doing in between the two middle vanes? Maybe it interfaces with Lego? Who knows 😉



The other three nozzles can be described as “Oh dear, oh dear, Oh dear…”. These are going to take some serious filling, sanding and filing…



Still at least the cockpit makes the nozzles look good 🙂  Here we have the Mk9 Martin Baker Ejection Pin Seat. This is like the standard Ejector seat, but in this model the pilot is shot through the front of the aircraft by two great big ejector pins in the back of the seat (as can be seen).

Seriously though, the cockpit is very poor, just about no detail at all and even gaping huge gaps down the sides…



It doesn’t look so bad with the front fairing on and the canopy. I don’t usually bother with figurines, but this time Sharkey you’re going to be sitting at instant readiness so that you can help add some interest to the cockpit 😉



Having highlighted some of the naffer areas of the kit, the actual fuselage doesn’t look too bad. Apart from raised panel lines it all fit pretty well and the shape looks good (well it looks alright to my untrained eye).

Next job – getting the engine and fuselage internals prepped and painted…

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