1/48 Revell British Phantom FGR Mk.2 – Build Log

5th July 2014

I’ve been a bit slow getting into this build, mainly because I’ve got too many kits on the go – normally I try to keep to 3 kits in progress but recently that number peaked at 6 :eek:. Now that I have things a bit more under control it’s time to find some quality time for the Phantom…

Another reason I’m being a bit slow on this one is the Aires resin cockpit. To be honest it’s a massive amount of fiddling compared with the stock cockpit, I reckon this kit will be 50% cockpit and 50% everything else 😉

The left hand side wall fitted like an absolute glove (well like an absolute side wall) but the right hand side wasn’t so good.

As you can see below the right hand side is warped and there’s a huge gap between the control panel and the side.




And so begins the quest for fitment…

The first bit I identified as being in the way is marked in green Sharpie below (and circled in red to further humiliate it). This bit soon fell to my scalpel.




Next was the top rear of the side wall, the area marked was fettled back, as was a fair bit of the inner of the sidewall running down that rear join.




Still didn’t fit, so I opted for sawing the part in two.

Now it fits 😉



Having ascertained that all the parts will fit, time for a coat of Tamiya XF-66 (Light Grey).




Next up will be some black paint, but before then the HUD mounts need re-attaching – looks like they got knocked off in the box. Not surprising as they are incredibly fine.

A drop of CA (Superglue) soon fixed that.




Here’s the various parts masked and ready to be blacked up. I prefer to mask and paint where possible because I find hand brushing tends to obscure detail where the paint goes down so thickly.

The PE instrument panel will be painted with XF-66.




And here we are with black paint.

The clear acetate has had a coat of flat white brushed over the rear to make the dials stand out.


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