1/48 Revell British Phantom FGR Mk.2 – Build Log

10th June 2014

I finally found little time to get started on the Phantom build *woot* 🙂

I did try to make a start a few weeks ago but fell at the first hurdle (the Aries cockpit) because I didn’t posses a razor saw. That’s now been remedied courtesy of Models R Go and I’m ready to start hacking.

Here’s the Aries cockpit prior to anything dangerous happening…




This is my first time using a resin cockpit and also my first time using Photo Etch (PE). So this is going to be a real voyage of discovery. But that’s what I enjoy – nothing better than trying something new for the first time 🙂

I made start liberating the resin parts from their casting blocks and spent a good amount of this session just working out where everything is supposed to go. I have to say the Aries instructions are pretty pants and leave you guessing as to much of where things are supposed to go.

So for now I’ve mainly been dry fitting and working out a plan of attack for the cutting, painting and gluing.

Another confusion has been that I also have the Eduard PE kit for the FGR.2 and this comes with a full colour PE cockpit set. I spent a bit of time seeing whether I could use the Eduard cockpit PE with the Aries kit, but the two don’t seem to want to play together so I’ll just use the PE from the Eduard kit for the outside paraphernalia and keep the cockpit strictly Aries. Probably.


All that planning, head scratching and tongue sticking out of the corner of the mouth stuff aside, I did manage to glue two joysticks in place and also a pair of PE foot pedals…


Wouldn’t say I’m cooking on gas yet, maybe cooking on a well lit match – one baked bean at a time.


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