1/48 Revell British Phantom FGR Mk.2 – Build Log

6th May 2014




The Phantom was my all-time mostest favouritest jet fighter when I was a nipper. I remember seeing a US Navy Phantom at the RAF Brawdy air show near where I used to live in the 70s and after that I was hooked on them. I was also lucky enough to get to wander around underneath one at RAF Coningsby (one of our family friends was a pilot there and he took us on a tour of the base).
















Ok, the first of the go faster goodies…

I have to say I’ve only ever used resin once which was an engine for my Grumman Duck. That involved gluing on some cylinder blocks and prop so wasn’t particularly taxing. Having never attempted a resin cockpit before, I took the liberty of popping down to my local pub to order up a new batch of swear words just in case I need them later.


Aires resin cockpit set…




I’ve also never attempted PE before, apart from at school which mainly involved running round the Gym trying to avoid getting slippered by the PE teacher for being unfit…

Eduard PE detail set.



Eduard FOD set – not sure I’ll use these yet…



Kit decals, if my 5 year old boy sees these I will have no choice but to be doing a shark and snake plane!



Aero Master decal set…



Before I build a kit I like to spend a little time reading up on it and getting up to speed with it’d history – that’s part of the attraction for me. And I have to admit I know very little about the Phantoms other than they look Ace! I haven’t decided on a scheme yet, but it will probably involve camo for this one.

So it may take me a little while before I cut sprue on this one – which (if I’m honest) means the first update will probably be up by tomorrow teatime lol 😉


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