1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter F.Mk.6 – Build Log

5th May 2014

Ok, time to start finishing up the fuselage…

I had a bit of a dilemma with the flaps, one of the ones where I’d originally decided to model her with the flaps up but the nicely moulded detailed in them tempted me to actually leave them down.

In the end I couldn’t decide one way or the other so went with my original plan of closing them up, but here’s a photo for posterity so the nice ribbing and riveting can be admired for years to come…




The wing leading edge extensions went together easily enough but there is a big seam at the ends which will be visible as this part forms the dog tooth on the wing.




Some PPP soon sorted that out, and a bit of Mr Surfacer 500 over the top took care of any minor divots.




Here’s the wingtips and leading edge extensions being glued into place.

The fit of these parts wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t that good. So unfortunately there’s going to have to be a bit of sanding and filling which will obliterate some of the nice fine riveting detail.

So she’s going to need a bit of fettling once dry to bring it back up to scratch.




For the forward ballast I like to dry fit the whole kit together and experiment with how much lead will be needed. Here’s the amount of lead shot that was required, PVA’d into place in the nose cone.




And here she is dry fitted with the nose cone taped on just to be sure that she won’t sit on her tail. As I said I’d rather see for myself that the weight is going to be right rather than relying on just putting in the amount of weight it says in the instructions.

There is no point fitting all the weapons and drop tanks etc., because these sit pretty much on the centre of gravity and won’t have much effect on the balance.




Nose wheel well assembled, for some reason they left one end open…




I couldn’t find any reason for it to be open like this, so I closed off the end with plasticard. At least that way it stops sanding dust and overspray working its way inside the model while it’s being worked on.




Like most parts of the kit, the nose wheel well fitted quite nicely (albeit with a bit of flexing). I ended up gluing one side of it first and letting it dry, the other side was then eased into place and also glued.




The spine is a really nice fit and positively snaps into place.

The seam line you can see in the centre of the photo doesn’t line up with the join between the front and rear fuselage sections though. There is a panel line to go in where the sections meet so I’m going to mark where it should be and scribe it in so it lines up with the spine.




Here we are again, this time with the panel line in place and lining up with the panel line in the spine nicely…




Where the front of the spine surrounds the rear bulkhead in the cockpit, there is no way I’m going to attempt masking that up! So the front of the spine is going to get a coat of paint before its glued in place…




Like so…




So now she has the wing tips and leading edge extensions installed, spine fitted, nose cone and nose wheel well in place…



Looking even more like a Hunter and edging ever nearer to paint…


Next job: Fitting the front canopy, attaching any (major) body parts and then onto the filling, fettling and scribing.


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6 comments on “1/32 Revell Hawker Hunter F.Mk.6 – Build Log
  1. Macca333 says:

    Bag into modelling after a very long break and I saw this fantastic Hunter build. The hunter was always my favourite aircraft, the last of the beautiful fighters, and so was inspired to have a go. My wife bought me the kit for Christmas and gave me space in the conservatory fo work! I marreid an angle and no you can’t swap her.

    Totally gobsmacked at the quality of this build, if I can get anywhere near it I’ll be over the moon so many thanks for sharing the build with us. Things have certainly moved forward since I was invoved, mind you I do go back to the very first plastic models. The first I built was a Canberra.I won’t say how long ago that was but in those days flying was dangerous and sex was safe.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks Macca333, it’s a shame they don’t make aircraft with lines like the Hunter any more! The Canberra is another classic jet, will definitely have to build one, one day.

  3. Jamie says:

    I have had my hunter on pause following this , not as good as your self but so many great tips really enjoy an update popping up

    • Richard says:

      Cheers Jamie 🙂 Good to hear you’re enjoying the updates – hopefully the momentum is there now so they should be a bit more regular!

  4. Ken Van Mark says:

    You did a outstanding job on this model..
    It is a pleasure to look at.

  5. Great build, delightful commentary!

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