1/12 Italeri F16 Falcon Cockpit – Build Log

28th March 2014

Some more progress on the Viper cockpit…

All the main components have been fettled and filled and primed with Tamiya Flat J.N.Grey (XF-12). No real reason to use XF-12 other than I have a load of it left over from another build and it’s not a colour I’m likely to use anywhere else for a while.



With the primer on I had a good look around for blemishes, and then realised I hadn’t glued on the front angled sections of the side consoles (Doh!) – so they were attached and blended in with PPP and Mr Surfacer 500.



As I mentioned before, the HUD is a really poor fit. It looks like they moulded the side brackets for the HUD glass back to front. There are two grooves in the outside of the hud mounts that are the correct width for the HUD glass, but they don’t run the full length of the brackets. The mounting pins for the HUD mounts are on the wrong side of the mounts too, so it really looks like they just got the glass slots and the pins accidentally swapped before they moulded it. I’ve double triple checked the fit and I’m 100% sure I’m not doing something stupid here, so had no choice but to make them fit 😉

Here is the HUD glass dry fitted before gluing.



Here you can see one of the gaps that resulted from having to shift the HUD mounts inwards…



And the beauty of PPP – just a quick dab of PPP in the gap, wipe it over with a damp cotton bud and job’s a good-un.



Here’s the HUD mounts glued and filled complete with the other side bits in place. They also took a bit of tweaking to get them to fit and they look pretty close according to my reference photos. Also shown are some components from the instrument panel area that will need to be painted black…



The front coaming and instrument panel parts were painted with Tamiya flat black (XF-1), and I did a bit of pre-shading on the cockpit tub and seat. I don’t want to go for a full on heavy weathered look here as all of the reference photos I’ve seen have the seat and cockpit in pretty good shape (the benefits of being indoors)… The pre-shading is hopefully just going to provide a bit of dimension to the paint rather than heavy shading.



Finally for this update, a coat of Tamiya XF-66 over the tub and seat.



Time now to leave the paint to settle down over night and have a look at the pre-shading with fresh eyes in the morning. If the shading looks too evident with fresh eyes I’ll knock it back a bit so that it’s barely visible. Bearing in mind that a clear coat is likely to enhance the pre-shading and give it more contrast.

The seat is a bit tricky to do because the back is open and you can see inside it. Also the ejection gun is installed inside the seat but is visible from the outside. So what I’m going to do is clear coat the inside of the seat and the ejection gun (the long tube bit), and then give it some Flory dark dirt wash before fitting the gun and closing up the seat.

The front coaming will need some Tamiya Nato Black applying here and there to give it a sun bleached look and I’m toying with the idea of trying Flory Light Wash on it to create dust and fading.

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11 comments on “1/12 Italeri F16 Falcon Cockpit – Build Log
  1. Bull says:

    Where is the rest of this build log?

    • Richard says:

      Hi Bull, this one has been on the shelf of doom for a while now so progress has stalled.

      I hope to be picking it up again in the next few weeks though.

  2. Bull says:

    Know the feeling.
    Looking forward to the rest of this log.
    Building the original ESCI F-16A cockpit at this moment, so some comparison is always nice.
    Your build looks very nice.

  3. Bull says:

    Same model as yours. First manufacturer was Esci, later on Italeri.
    Wanted this model since I was a kid. Just bought it recently on eBay.

  4. Kevin says:

    Thank you, somehow I’d never heard of the wet palette. You have made my acrylic day.

    PS – your human captcha is a PITA – I said F16 and it said not. Lets see if this gets through – no, it doesn’t like the blog post title either. Give us a clue for pete’s sake. Not “aircraft”. Making Models? – errr nope! “Models”?

    • Richard says:

      Thanks for the comment Kevin, glad you stuck with it 😉

      Appreciate the feedback on the Captcha – I was getting bogged down with automated spam bots a while ago and was spending significant time deleting stuff each day. Have relaxed the settings so hopefully other fellow humans will have an easier time of it.

  5. William G says:

    Outstanding work.
    I have the kit in my stash, started building it in 1987, then put it away.
    Since I used to work on the F-16 I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I cant let it go without correcting and updating the details to match the jets I worked on.
    But that’s me.
    I admire your attention to detail as well as your tenacity in the build and am looking forward to the completion.

    • Richard says:

      Thanks William. Great to hear from an actual Viper tech!

      I’ve actually got the F-16 cockpit back on the bench in the past few days so the final build log update shouldn’t be too far off now.

      Have a few bits left to paint, a bit of mild weathering to do and at that point I’m just waiting for a part for the base. I’ve decided that for the base I want to put the cockpit on a metal diamond plate (checker plate) so I’ve got a 1/16 styrene sheet of it in the post. When that arrives I should be pretty much ready to wrap it up.

  6. Richard says:

    She’s all finished now – final reveal photos are here – http://www.makingmodels.co.uk/completed-builds/112-italeri-f-16a-falcon-cockpit/

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