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V is for Victor…

Here’s part #3 of my latest build log – the amazing 1/72 Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2(BS) from Airfix. This is a brand new and new-tooled kit which promises to take Airfix’s kit quality to a new level. Despite some initial

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Bambi BB24V Compressor Modification…

Here’s a mod I did to my compressor a while back… The line pressure gauge that came with the compressor was rated up to the maximum pressure of the compressor…, which was something crazy like 200 PSI. So as a

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You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Wasn’t that the storyline for most 70’s action films? Blowing things up in order to get the gold? Well it works for me, and here’s my rendition of the ultimate safe cracker – Karl-Otto Alberty who played the SS Tiger Tank

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Knock it off with them negative waves!

Woof woof! Here’s my finished rendition of Sgt. Oddball (AKA Donald Sutherland) from the film Kelly’s Heroes. Absolutely loved every minute of this one, a lovely sculpt and cast and brilliantly detailed! I’ve still got a bust of Karl Otto

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Vorsprung Durch Crapkit

Yep, this recently re-popped 1/25 Mk.1 Volkswagen Scirocco by AMT is an absolute dog of a kit. More so because it cost me a whopping £35 inc delivery. If the kit was £9.99 + delivery, I’d have merely been disappointed with

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Czech Air Force Mi-24 Hind Alien Tiger (Tiger Meet 2016)

Well I reckon I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew this time, but I’ve decided to have a crack at airbrushing / hand brushing the Czech Air Force (221 Squadron) “Alien Tiger” MI-24.   I’m basing the build

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Anders Lassen – A True Modern Day Viking!

I got this beautifully sculpted and cast bust through the post today – Major Anders Lassen by Hugo Pereirea of RP Models Portugal –   I’d just finished reading “Churchill’s Secret Warriors” which is the true story of the

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Top Gun F-14A Build Log Update #4

I haven’t managed to get a whole load of bench time recently due to pressures of work and all that, but here’s build log update #4. In this one I mainly focus on getting the intake assemblies worked out and

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I’m writing cheques for decal sets that my body can’t afford to cash!

That’s right – it’s time to do another Top Gun F-14A Tomcat build. But this time with proper Top Gun decals and a nice meaty 1/48 scale. For this one I managed to get hold of the Fightertown 1/48 Top

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Lt. Col John Frost – work in progress update #4

Things have been progressing nicely with the John Frost bust – despite an unexpected strip it off and start again session. In this update I get to painting the hair and the beret. Pre-shading and glazing is definitely a great

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