Anders Lassen – A True Modern Day Viking!

I got this beautifully sculpted and cast bust through the post today – Major Anders Lassen by Hugo Pereirea of RP Models Portugal –



I’d just finished reading “Churchill’s Secret Warriors” which is the true story of the British Commandos that formed the SSRF (Small Scale Raiding Force). Basically the SSRF were state funded pirates who’s mandate from Downing Street was to “Set the Meditteranean ablaze!” (and don’t get caught). And this they did, leading unbelievably risky missions to steal ships and destroy enemy air bases. Possibly the most amazing member of this team was the young (early 20’s) Anders Lassen – a Dane and a true modern day Viking. Reading about his exploits makes James Bond sound like a dinner lady, no wonder he was awarded the Military Cross with two bars and a Victoria Cross by the time he was 23 years old.



Anyway, the book is a gripping read if you’re into SBS/SAS books, or have a general interest in WW2 history – definitely worth grabbing a copy!


After reading the book I did a search to see if there happened to be any figures of Lassen, and would you believe it – this one is hot off the press as a 1/9 scale bust (and also as a full figure in 75mm and 1/35 scale). I contacted Hugo at RP Models and next thing this beauty was winging it’s way to my door.


Numbered 30 in a limited edition run of 200, this is a brilliantly sculpted bust, the arms fit the body perfectly so no filler will be required there. There are a few minor seams here and there (as you’d expect) but they will be really easy to tidy up and it’ll take no time from fettling to painting. Texturing is very nice too with the fabric being nicely textured. The additional parts (Thompson Machine Gun, Fairburn Sykes Dagger and Binoculares) are also really nicely done.

I’ve got a bit of a build backlog at the mo, so I won’t be getting onto this one any time soon, but he’s going to take pride of place in the stash and will be near the front of the queue.

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