Month: January 2015

You know when you’ve been Tangoed!

Work has started on the SR-71 Blackbird build, plastic has been cut and paint has been spilled… Up until now it’s been mainly research, working out which tail number aircraft to build and generally getting up to speed with it (not

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Faster than a speeding bullet…

No really, this one is actually faster than a speeding bullet! In fact the SR-71 Blackbird was faster than pretty much anything that ever flew, apart from the X-15 – and that was an experimental rocket plane. For this build I’m

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Hunter Build Log Part 7 – Hands on with Sabrinas!

If you like filling & sanding, you’ll love this update 😉 The 1/32 Revell Hunter Build Log Part 7 covers the lion’s share of the bodywork on this kit, and there’s a lot of it. Not that this kit is

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XM600 Vulcan to the Sky!

Ok, so may be not to the actual sky. But after 9 years (admittedly 7.5 of which she was being used as a toy by my kids), my 1/72 Airfix Vulcan build is complete and you can see the final reveal photos

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The Hunter comes out of hiding…

After a lull of about 8 months, I’ve finally got my build queue down to the point where I can resume work on the Revell 1/32 Hunter F MK.6 🙂 I’m really pleased to be back onto this kit, it’s

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