Year: 2015

I wouldn’t name my aircraft company something that reads like “Boing”…

I’ve had something a little different on the go this week…   No, I haven’t finally got around to training for the 2016 Skegness naked hula-hooping half marathon. That starts next week. This week I have cracked open a little build

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It’s all about the plastic…

This month the Sprue Cutter’s Union over at The Combat Workshop asks  “What are you’re imperatives?” “…We all get lazy at times but let’s face it, there are areas of this hobby that modelers cannot get skimpy. Whether it’s a part of the

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Something to Wet your Palette

I thought a wet palette was a side effect of eating Salt & Vinegar crisps until I discovered plastic modelling… In this update I have a problem with acrylic paint turning into bogeys, and discover the art of the Wet

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A day in the life of a knob twiddler…

We got red ones, black ones, some as big as your hat… In other words, the 1/12 scale F-16 cockpit is racing along and is not a million miles from completion. Didn’t I say that? 😉 In this update it’s

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1/32 Revell Hunter – final reveal pics are done…

Always a favourite part of a build for me is when the final photos have been done… From that point I can share the build with whoever I like, and even if the cat knocks it off and the dog

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The 1/12 F-16 cockpit gets some shiny new ribbons…

I must say I’m really enjoying getting back into my build queue and blowing the dust off some of the items on the shelf of doom! In this update I (literally) blow the dust off the Italeri 1/12 F-16 A

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The Hunter rolls out of the hangar…

Well it’s only been about a year and a half and the Revell 1/32 Hunter F.Mk.6 is done 🙂 Ok, it was my fault that it took so long, partly because I spent ages making seat belts for the cockpit,

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Adding Metal to the Hunter

More progress on the 1/32 Revell Hunter F.Mk.6 This time I’ve added various real metal components to the Hunter including kitchen foil and electrical bootlace ferrules… The drop tanks are painted, weathered and decaled like a mini model kit, and

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The Hunter is nicely painted – better mess it up ;)

The Hunter is coming along in leaps and bounds now… In this update the weathering wash goes on, and them comes off (it’s alright, it was supposed to)… The canopy gets sanded down and re-polished… And various nick-nacks and dooh-dahs

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Did someone say Pfhantom?

That’s right, after a slight delay of 10 months on the shelf of doom, the Pfhantom (I mean Phantom) is back in business! In this update I manage to resurrect the Phantom build and after several good sessions on the

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